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Once you have mastered Tuning In #1, go into the relaxed state you now can put yourself in and ask yourself "what have I always wanted to do but thought it was impossible". Allow whatever thoughts pop into your head without editing, forcing or controlling them.

When you get an answer, notice what you're feeling. What sensations do they create in your body. What emotions do you feel?

Now imagine yourself actually doing that job. Create a picture you have in your head of you actively doing it. Notice the sensations it creates in you.

Extend the visualization and see yourself doing it very well. Continue to notice the sensations you might experience.

Continue doing this every day and no matter how remote your wish may seem to you, acknowledge it without judgment. Ideas on how to satisfy that craving may come to you.

If you don't get any insight at this time, pay attention to the positive emotions or sensations you feel in your body related to the images and/or thoughts of you doing what you love and doing it well.. Allowing them to surface helps release the blocks

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