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"Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your  own inner voice, heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become."

Steve Jobs.

Did you ever think about where your thoughts come from? They are certainly there all the time, bombarding your mind - thoughts trying to solve problems, thoughts of conversations playing over and over, thoughts that create wishful fantasies. And then there are obsessive thoughts over which we seem to have no control. Or do we? Are we in control of our thoughts or are they in control of us?

The thoughts we are aware of and can't seem to control are all Conscious while our Unconscious thoughts show themselves in our dreams, in our anxieties and fears and in many behaviors we display. Freud as well as other scientists today claim that 95%  of our unconscious mind actually controls our thoughts, behaviors and moods without our awareness.

And many in the field of psychology generally believe that the guiding force in our lives is our Unconscious mind which informs our behavior. This force is very deep and although we may feel it, we usually pay little attention to it, if at all. Instead we read the myriad of How-To books, seek Psychics or Astrology, Taro Cards, etc. to find out about ourselves. Little do we know that if we recognize that inner voice we all have, listen to it, focus on it, we would know.

There's a wonderful ancient Jewish lore that describes the belief that each Soul is imbued with a guide of Fate that is unique and purposeful to each body. During the process of being born, we lost awareness of our prenatal origin. The only reminder is the little indentation just below our nose where an angel pressed its finger. This little crevice is there to remind us of our soul life before birth. That is why we tend to put our fingers on that little spot above our lips when lost in thought or  trying to retrieve information.

As a psychotherapist exploring my clients' earliest experiences I began to realize that beyond the early traumas that affected their thinking and behavior remains a deep sense of knowing. As we explored how they arrived at circumstances they presently find themselves in, it became apparent that had they paid attention to the deepest part of themselves they might have been able to successfully direct their energies. The clues are always there.

If you do indeed recognize those clues, you may not know how to deal with them. You might have said I wish I could be a singer, or I wish I could be a writer but perhaps others laughed or didn't take you seriously when you suggested it. Did you pack away your dreams and follow something easier, more acceptable?

There are those who are born knowing their path and following it, regardless of any blocks. Then there are those who know but aren't conscious of it. And finally, there are those who never know because their defenses against knowing seem impenetrable.

In spite of being misguided, misdirected, stumbling around, struggling with whatever choices appear or fighting that urge within, we really are able to end up in surprising places yet unconsciously knew all along.  It depends upon how strong that inner drive is and if you're trained to pay attention to what could be propelling you toward your destiny.

Looking back on your life you may begin to recognize that the opportunities that came to you and the choices you made somehow led you to where you are now even though they seemed like complete detours at the time.  And if you believe that each decision will lead you to where you should be, you may begin to relax, take heed of that wisdom and reach your true goal sooner rather than later.

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