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There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.

John Lennon

There are many who have grown up with a great deal of deprivation causing an inner driver that propels them to indulge in drugs, food, alcohol drugs, food or material things to fill that void. They may say their knowing is their need for these things. It is the only thing on their minds and overtakes everything else. In order to fill the emptiness inside they choose self=destructive behavior. To them deprivation is familiar and what is familiar becomes comfortable, good or bad. What is not comfortable is the Unknown. (Continue to TUNING IN #3 which will help with this.)

Not knowing what it might be like to actually feel fulfilled permanently can be frightening. Who would you become if you actually experienced feeling good about yourself and your life? What would that require of you? Will you be capable? Because you don't know the answers you remain stuck, comfortable with your deprivation, something you know all too well.

You've been clouded by your pain and buried the inner voice beneath it. It may take courage to remain quiet and go inside to tune into the deepest part of your being and listen. Try it and see if it is more difficult than the repeated need for the drug, alcohol or sex you've used to self-medicate. If you have the strength to continue experiencing the pain of deprivation over and over again you do have the strength to change direction.

On the other hand, what if you've been on the wrong path and are middle-aged. Have you been in a career, doing your job but never feeling fulfilled? You may think it's too late or have lost interest because it seemed so hopeless to start following a dream. No matter what your age may be, the inner voice never stops whispering unless you have shut it away. Open the door and you will find it there again.

You will see there is no wrong path if you open your ears to hear that whisper deep within. There may be detours but if you haven't locked the door, it will lead you to where your belong.


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