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One meets his destiny often on the road he takes to avoid it.

You may ask what about those who commit crimes or follow a path towards violence? Are they listening to an inner voice propelling them towards evil? Is their destiny to spend their life in prison? It may be. Perhaps those who find themselves having a "spiritual awakening" in prison or who learn profound lessons while incarcerated were meant to go through this kind of pain to achieve a metamorphosis. But were there clues they would end up in this manner? Are there clues from the very beginning?

Crimes are committed by those who are far removed from their inner voice which is buried under layers of pain. Anger is their defense against pain, disappointment or deprivation. These individuals actually feel weak and ineffectual and the only way to feel powerful is to take advantage of others in whatever way they know how. What they gain is a false sense of power and this false sense buries that inner voice with a muffled murmur.

Upon examining such people's lives one can find early indications for such an end. Some children have repetitive dreams of violence, some enjoy hurting or killing animals and some are angry loners. Many have grown up lacking a healthy attachment or under the influence of critical, punishing parents. They crave attention and find the only way to get it is by getting into trouble. To them negative attention is better than no attention at all. The challenge is to let go of that negative coping mechanism and tune in to the knowing before falling into a downward spiral.

Although these behaviors are usually analyzed as effects from early environmental factors or neglectful or harsh parenting, another question arises. Is there such a thing as a "bad seed?" Much like Nature's inexplicable destructive side, can humans, too, be born with a strong calling towards destruction?

I don't believe so since authentic knowing is never destructive. However, I do believe ignoring it, denying it or rebelling against it can be.

There are endless examples of individuals who began their lives following a destructive path but somewhere along the way made the choice to change direction and let little stand in their way to become a success.

As a young man Mark Wahlberg lived a life of crime. By the age of 13 he was a drug addicted coke dealer whose favorite pastime was stealing cars. At the age of 15 he and a group of friends would patrol the streets looking for black men they could beat up. The crime that landed him a felony in prison was attacking and beating up a Vietnamese man until he was unconscious. He was charged with attempted murder and incarcerated. Being a 5'3" 125 pound 16 year old he was face to face with hardened criminal men and decided to begin working out in prison, building his body with the idea he'd become a famous rapper. 45 days later his brother Donnie bailed him out of prison and helped him create a music group. Their album was a success and from there he got his first movie role in Boogie Nights which sent him off in an entirely different direction, becoming one of Hollywood's most successful actor/producer and has been nominated for an Academy Award.

We all know the story of Frank William Abagnale, the con man about whom the movie "Catch Me If You Can" was dramatized starring Leo DeCaprio and Tom Hanks. Abagnale passed himself off to the world as an airline pilot, a doctor, a lawyer, a college professor while writing $2.5 Million fraudulent checks. He served 5 years in prison before agreeing to work for the U.S. government. He started his own firm consulting financial institutions, corporations and law enforcement agencies on fraud and security and has served several thousands of companies.

If one uses one's energy in a positive direction rather than a negative one, there is always hope, even for the most hardened criminals. They can usually find themselves back on a path of where they should be once they recognize an opportunity when it presents itself. And it usually does present itself.


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